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Maintenance & Oil Processing


All transformers should have maintenance done to ensure they are in perfect working condition. By regularly testing the windings, oil, and overall exterior conditions of the transformer will ensure longevity and fewer replacement needs and costs.

MIAMI TRANSFORMERS will look at your transformer and suggest certain repairs/replacements as needed. Our technicians will drain oil from the transformer, check for leaks, replace any old or damaged gasket, paint exterior, replace bushings, tap changers, and pressure relief valves, as needed.

All units go through extensive testing after repairs/rewinds and copies of the reports are available upon customers request

Oil Processing:

To ensure that your transformer is working properly you must process and test the oil. MIAMI TRANSFORMERS conducts dielectric testing on the oil in order to determine its moisture content.

Depending on the results of the dielectric test and the age and condition of the transformer a DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) may be required. The oil will be put through our filtration system to ensure it’s free and/or remove all damaging gases, moisture and particles. Processing the oil is essential to the life of a transformer. This will ensure the longevity of insulation paper and windings, while removing any and all potential hazardous gases, moisture and particles

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