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Miami Transformers

MIAMI TRANSFORMERS can recondition, remanufacture, refurbish, rewind, and decommission oil- filled transformers.

Service and Repairs

Miami Transformers Service and Repair can refurbish any single or three phase pad mounts, transformers, regulators, pole mounts, portables, mobile breakers, feeders and much more. 

MIAMI TRANSFORMERS decommissions all types of transformers, including power transformers up to 1,000 MVA. Our field crews are considered one of the best in the industry in terms of decommissioning power transformers in a way that is good for the environment and complies with all EPA procedures and regulations. MIAMI TRANSFORMERS will service, decommission, rewind, design, re-design, repair, and refurbish your transformers in a timely and efficient manner.

Throughout the industry MIAMI TRANSFORMERS prides itself in giving its’ customers the best services available.  MIAMI TRANSFORMERS provides the best quality work and services for the best prices with the shortest lead times.

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